Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Instructor Tools

This library contains various handouts and other materials aimed at assisting CERT Basic Training instructors. The handouts are listed in alphabetical order, so related documents may not be listed next to each other. If you would like a modifiable / Microsoft Word version of the document so you can tailor it for your application, please email us at [email protected] to request a copy. Please include the word CERT in the email subject line.

Various presentations are also contained in the library. They can be used for continuing education session for you program and / or public outreach.

The Guide documents library is also a resource for instructors and as they provide a high-level overview of various topics.


Backpack Kit

Bleeding Pinch Points

Calling 911

CERT Operations Overview

CERT Exercise Organizational Chart

CERT Trifold Cheat Sheet

Class Room Check List

Disaster Mental Health

Frequently Asked Questions

CERT Basic Training Final Exam Answers

CERT Basic Training Final Exam

How to Survive a Disaster – TIME Magazine

Los Angeles County Fire Department CERT Forms

Search And Rescue Marking a Building

Class Sign In Sheet 1

Class Sign In Sheet 2

START Flowchart Cards

START Handout

START Pre/Post Test Answers

START Pre/Post Test

START Triage

START Adult Triage Algorithm

Suggested Reading, Various Books Related to Dealing with Disasters

Treatment Area Log (Excel)

Triage Assessment Exercise Answers

Triage Assessment Exercise

Triage Tag Side 1

Triage Tag Side 2

What is CERT?


Citizen Corps 

Citizen Corps w video (Powerpoint)

Citizen Corps Fact Sheet (Handout)

Citizen Corps Guide for Local Officials 2012 (Reference)

This is CERT

This is CERT w Video (Powerpoint)

What is CERT? (Handout)

This is CERT 30sec (Video)

This is CERT 7min (Video)

Instructor Resources

Discover a wealth of resources and training packages tailored exclusively for Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) instructors. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or just starting out, this library offers a diverse range of materials to enhance your teaching, enrich your curriculum, and ensure your CERT members are fully prepared to handle emergencies. Explore our collection and elevate your CERT training to new heights.

Note the content is in compressed zip folders that you download and expand.

ICS Forms and Instructions

Contains fillable pdf forms versions of various Incident Command System (ICS) forms. A instruction booklet and manual with all forms is also included.

Added September 2023 –

2019 CERT Basic Training Books and Power Points

Contains the 2019 version of the CERT Basic Training participant manual and instructor guide. The power points for the units and hazard annexes are included.

Added September 2023 –

This is CERT

A short presentation created by the Support Committee that can be used in many setting to provide an overview of what a Community Emergency Response Team is. A FEMA produced video overview is included in a 30 second and a seven minute versions.

Added September 2023 –

CERT Emergency Communications

A Support Committee updated version of the FEMA developed supplemental training series of classes. Can be presented as a two or four hour class if you include the exercises. This is a high level over view of various options for a CERT teams communication needs.

Added September 2023 –

CERT Responder Rehabilitation 

Rehabilitation is not just for fire fighters. A Support Committee updated version of the FEMA developed supplemental training series of classes. Can be presented as a two or four hour class if you include the exercises. Provides a in depth look at how to establish and operate a rehabilitation site. Refer to the guide document on responder rehabilitation for additional information on developing your local capability.

Added September 2023 –