Situation Reports

IDHRC Member Organizations are expected to make every effort to contact the IDHRC before deploying into a disaster-affected area in the State of Iowa and provide regular updates throughout their response. Making this contact demonstrates commitment to the 4 “C’s” and allows the IDHRC to provide appropriate support through communication and the resources of other member organizations and/or emergency management.

This type of coordination between voluntary agencies sends a clear message to emergency management about our ability to work within the emergency management process in a way that is helpful and effective. It strengthens our relationships with each other and our partnership with local and state government and emergency management.

Please utilize the form below to provide the IDHRC with a report of your current response efforts and any needs you are experiencing in the field.

After Action Report

Conduct an after action review to capture highlights, challenges, and process improvements of the IDHRCs ability to assist communities, convene local partners, organize resources, assess community needs, and collect/share information through the mobilization of partner organizations.