About Us

The Iowa Disaster Human Resource Council (IDHRC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, charitable organization that brings together  faith-based, voluntary and government organizations active in  disaster services to foster a more effective response and recovery for the people of Iowa in times of disaster. It serves as a forum where organizations share knowledge and resources throughout the disaster cycle (preparation, response, recovery and mitigation) to help disaster survivors and their communities.  The IDHRC is membership based and comprised of roughly 60 organizations.

The IDHRC serves as the State of Iowa Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster or VOAD. It was established by the Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in 2001 at the request of the Iowa Emergency Management Association. The IDHRC is an umbrella organization of existing agencies. Each member organization maintains its own identify and independence, yet works closely with other agencies to improve service, maximize resources, and eliminate unnecessary duplication. The IDHRC provides a forum promoting cooperation, communication, coordination and collaboration; and fosters more effective delivery of services to communities affected by disaster.

As the State of Iowa VOAD, we are an affiliate of National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD). The NVOAD has a similar organization and mission but at the Federal level.

Our mission is to coordinate a holistic approach to disaster recovery by maximizing public and private resources thereby providing an efficient system that can address immediate and long-term physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of impacted citizens.

Our purpose is to bring together faith-based, voluntary, and government organizations active in disaster services to foster a more effective response and recovery for the people of Iowa in times of disaster. Since it was established, the IDHRC focuses their efforts on assisting low income, elderly, and special needs individuals and communities.

The IDHRC members include both locally based organizations and local representatives of National organizations. The IDHRC’s member organizations cover a broad range of missions and technical expertise, and adhere to the 4 C’s: Cooperation, Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration.

The Four C’s

By adhering to the 4 C’s (Communication, Cooperation, Coordination, and Collaboration), the IDHRC/Iowa State VOAD is able to help its members effectively provide relief.

  1. Communication – We develop and maintain effective channels for sharing information. Members and partners foster a climate of openness to promote regular sharing of information about and between our member organizations- their capacities, accomplishments, limitations and commitments. Members develop and maintain effective channels for sharing information, listen carefully to each other, and deal openly with concerns.
  2. Cooperation – We work together to overcome challenges. Member organizations recognize that no single organization has all the answers for all the challenges that arise during disasters, and it is important to understand common goals for a community can be best achieved by working or acting together with a common purpose.
  3. Coordination – We effectively utilize resources to help communities prepare and recover. Member organizations commit to working together, in a non-competitive manner, toward the goal of effective service delivery throughout the disaster cycle. Through careful planning and preparation, National VOAD member organizations form tactical partnerships to work in a coordinated, predictive fashion to more effectively utilize resources to accomplish a set of tasks.
  4. Collaboration – We identify common goals and create shared solutions. Member organizations establish shared goals and actively work together to achieve those goals, and undertake specific projects throughout the disaster cycle. Trust, mutual respect, and equal partnerships of community service providers are essential elements of our work.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead