How to Donate

While all donations are appreciated, CASH IS BEST. Our members are experienced and dedicated professionals. Donating cash during a disaster to those who are responding ensures they will get the most out of your generous donation. Do not send or bring unsolicited donations.

In the early stages of the response phase, most organizations are unable to accommodate material goods. Unsolicited donations create a challenge of storage and sorting, when focus is needed on response and recovery. Please contact our Current Members about immediate needs.

Cash is Best

Cash offers the IDHRC the most flexibility in obtaining the most-needed resources. Organizations typically prefer cash donations because they allow our members to:

  • Purchase food, water, medicine, and equipment from secure and familiar supply chains
  • Buy materials locally. This can help rebuild the local economy.
  • Conserve resources. Money is always necessary and cheap to send. The cost to ship material supplies can be expensive.

Remember, material supplies such as used clothing, miscellaneous household items, and mixed or perishable food require agencies to redirect volunteer labor away from providing direct one-on-one assistance to sort, package, transport, warehouse, and distribute items that may not meet the needs of disaster survivors.