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The IDHRC and the 4 C’s Every State/Territory VOAD follows these objectives.

State/Territory VOADs are associations of organizations that lead response efforts, communicate urgent needs to the wider National VOAD network, and provide assistance to communities affected by disaster. By adhering to the 4 Cs (Communication, Cooperation, Coordination, and Collaboration), the IDHRC is able to help its members effectively provide relief.

  1. Communication We develop and maintain effective channels for sharing information. Members and partners foster a climate of openness to promote regular sharing of information about and between our member organizations- their capacities, accomplishments, limitations and commitments. Members develop and maintain effective channels for sharing information, listen carefully to each other, and deal openly with concerns.
  2. Cooperation We work together to overcome challenges. Member organizations recognize that no single organization has all the answers for all the challenges that arise during disasters, and it is important to understand common goals for a community can be best achieved by working or acting together with a common purpose.
  3. Coordination We effectively utilize resources to help communities prepare and recover. Member organizations commit to working together, in a non-competitive manner, toward the goal of effective service delivery throughout the disaster cycle. Through careful planning and preparation, National VOAD member organizations form tactical partnerships to work in a coordinated, predictive fashion to more effectively utilize resources to accomplish a set of tasks.
  4. Collaboration We identify common goals and create shared solutions. Member organizations establish shared goals and actively work together to achieve those goals, and undertake specific projects throughout the disaster cycle. Trust, mutual respect, and equal partnerships of community service providers are essential elements of our work.
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