2021 Don Hampton Conference

Opening and Keynote

Welcome to the 2021 Don Hampton Conference & Awards Ceremony! The opening to this year’s conference will begin with a video commemorating the IDHRC’s 20th Anniversary, as well as a brief recognition video from Iowa’s Governor, Kim Reynolds. During this time, our moderators will provide an in-depth explanation of the layout for this conference and what to expect in the coming days. This session will end with a keynote speech from Steve O’Neil, who has been in Emergency Management for over 20 years.

Maximizing Long Term Recovery Group and Emergency Management Coordination

Reflecting on Emergency Management and Long Term Recovery Group Partnerships during Iowa Disasters, this panel discussion will touch on the value these partnerships had in making recovery a success during the 2018 Marshalltown Tornado and the 2019 Floods. Representatives from the Marshall, Fremont and Scott counties Long Term Recovery Groups and Emergency Management Agencies will touch on lessons learned and experiences as well as how this partnership can be strengthened.



Scott County / Quad Cities – Dave Donovan & Kelly Thompson Presentation

Fremont County – Mike Crecelius & Hilary Christiansen Presentation

Marshall County – Kimberly Elder & Linda Havelka Presentation

Youth, Mental Health, & Disasters: Resilience In and Through the Storm

In the last few years, communities throughout Iowa have endured disaster after disaster. From Marshalltown’s 2018 tornado to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this presentation offers insight into how multiple disasters might affect the mental health and resiliency of our community’s youth. Mental health professionals Paul Daniel and Mandy Gesme will walk us through what it’s like to be young in the face of disasters and the long-lasting effects that may result.




Mandy Gesme Presentation – COVID Recovery Iowa

Paul Daniel Presentation – Center Associates


COVID Recovery Iowa Website

COVID Recovery Iowa YouTube Channel

COVID Recovery Iowa Facebook

High Schooling During a Pandemic

Leveraging Disaster Volunteers

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to disaster volunteer management in Iowa, but there are a few common approaches that have been disaster-tested in recent years. This panel discussion will focus on the “fail forward” lessons of several of those approaches and will leave you inspired about how to build your volunteer network before another disaster or emergency event. Whether you’re in the public, private, or non-governmental sector, there will be something for everyone to learn about disaster volunteer management.


PRESENTATION: Leveraging Disaster Volunteers with Kayla Paulson, Jessica Bullock, and Michael Rojas


United Way of East Central Iowa – Job Openings


Kayla Paulson – [email protected]

Jessica Bullock – [email protected]

Michael Rojas – [email protected]

Reaching ALL Iowans in Times of Disaster (DEI)

Join representatives from the Office of Latino Affairs, One Iowa, Monsoon, Oakridge Neighborhood, and the City of Marshalltown to have an open panel discussion about representation (diversity and inclusion) in organizations active in disasters, current barriers impeding underserved Iowans from successfully accessing disaster resources and recovering from a disaster, and next steps for the IDHRC to ensure ALL Iowans are involved throughout all stages of the disaster cycle.


PRESENTATION: Equity in Disaster Relief Efforts Panel Presentation with Sonia Reyes, Amal Barre, Caleb Knutson, Courtney Reyes, and Mira Yusef


One Iowa – LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Training

Monsoon Asian and Pacific Islanders in Solidarity

Oakridge Neighborhood

Unevict Iowa

Equity Toolkit

Centering Equity and Racial Justice in Disaster Recovery

Systemic Racism – Disasters Expose It: How Do We Address It?

In-Kind Donations 101

Adventist Community Services (ACS) have made a name for themselves across the country over the years with their ability to effectively and efficiently manage in-kind donations during a disaster response. Newly appointed directors for Iowa, Brian and Amanda Schwering will share a few of their best practices about and experiences with in-kind donations.

Disaster Fundraising

Funding is at the heart of every disaster recovery. Little can be done without it, and yet, often it seems like such a daunting task. Explore some of the innovative and strategic ways to go after disaster funding with Disaster Leadership Team’s executive director, Carlene Anders, who navigated these waters through three FEMA nationally declared wildfire disasters in the past six years, with no IA (Individual Assistance) declaration funding.


PRESENTATION: Disaster Fundraising with Carlene Anders

CONTACT: Carlene Anders – [email protected]

Disaster Philanthropy: Working with Funders to Meet Disaster Recovery Needs

This session is a conversation about funding disaster recovery from the perspective of the funder. During the session, you’ll hear from several Iowa-based disaster funders. The discussion will center around pre-disaster relationship building with funders and the roles that funders may take in disaster response and recovery. Panelists will also share best practices in fundraising learned from experience and networks with colleagues in multiple states and discuss strategies for approaching foundations and effectively communicating your need and story.


PRESENTATION: Disaster Philanthropy with Cari Cullen, Karrie Abbott, Anne Calder, Kari McCann Boutell, Jenna Manders, and Carrie Walker


Iowa Council of Foundations – Disaster Philanthropy

Iowa Community Foundations

United Way Quad Cities

Quad Cities Community Foundation – Recovery Fundraising

Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation – Disaster Recovery Fund


Cari Cullen – [email protected]

Karrie Abbott – [email protected]

Anne Calder – [email protected]

Kari McCann Boutell – [email protected]

Jenna Manders – [email protected]

Carrie Walker – [email protected]

So You Think You’re Alone in a Disaster?: A Relationship Tabletop

Join this virtual tabletop focused on strengthening disaster relationships and coordination, no matter what your role is in the disaster field.


PRESENTATION: So You Think You’re Alone in a Disaster?: A Relationship Tabletop with Rick Wulfekuhle and Lori Williams

Relationship Tabletop Manual


Rick Wulfekuhle – [email protected]

Lori Williams – [email protected]


Governor’s Message

20th Anniversary Video

Keynote Speech by Steve O’Neil

Self-Care Moment: Relationships

2019 Awards Ceremony

Self-Care Moment: Storytelling

2020 Awards Ceremony

Self-Care Moment: Gratitude